Sims 2 Blender Animations

Y’all, I love this game and glad you can *kinda* animate in Blender, but…

Disclaimer: This isn’t guaranteed to work ingame, there’s a chance the animations will distort severely like this

I wish I knew of a solution, someone said they had one but I never heard back I think (?)

What You Need

◆ Blender 2.70 (Other versions work tho)
Everything here
◆ Milkshape (Google and get it for free lolz)
◆ If you want my edited fem rig: Bones have constraints that limit the rotation and fingers are parented to the pinkies

My edited rig


I’m gonna skip a few steps, like Blender basics and SimPE

  • The basics of animating in Blender here
Not really a tutorial but…
  1. Basically, I’m just keyframing the bones
  2. I export it as a Milkshape 3D file when I’m done
  3. Open it in Milkshape and began the exporting to SimPE process. Tutorial here (You can watch her other tutorials as well, they’re very helpful!)

Thank you to all creators!

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