Sims 4 Mocap

Now it’s Sims 4 turn for le mocap. Save sometime animating like moi.

What You Need

◆ Blender 2.70 or 2.76
Sims 4 Studio
◆ Rigs: Nanashi (Original uploader deleted his channel), Kijiko

Some Mocap Animations: Mixamo, Turbosquid, Huge (free) FBX Mocap Library


I’m gonna skip a few steps, so if you already know the basics of making animations continue on and if you don’t...

  • The basics of Sims 4 Studio here
  • The basics of animating here, not really a tutorial but a helpful process vid
  • Posing here
Download the animation made here 

So I cheated with the facial/hand animations, and I’ll show in another tutorial how to import other animations to the rig.

  1. Download some mocap files, I used Mixamo and exported as a Collada file with no skin.
  2. Open up your rig and import the mocap animation (DAE file)
  3. Add constraints to either the EA that follows the corresponding armature rig. I.E. control_rig: Left Hand to mixamorig_LeftHand
  4. Whatever looks off I just animate myself following the mocap rig
  5. Once the animation is to your liking, bake the animation to the EA Rig. “Select ALL Ea Rig Bones then go to object mode and select “Bake Action” In The Animation Tab. Make sure the bake is set to pose NOT object. Set the armature back to pose mode.” Copied from info doc.
  6. Save the project and Throw the blend into a new clip pack in Sims 4 Studio. Here‘s a tut if you need help!

Thank you to all creators!

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