Sims 3 Mocap

If you’re like me you really don’t want to animate every part of a Sim by hand, and if you’re like me you’re not very good at animating certain body parts. Once I finally figured out how to incorporate mocap with Sims, I was in heaven.

What You Need

◆ Blender 2.67b2.70 (I used 2.67 and 2.70)
Sims 3 Clip Tools
◆ Rigs: Sims (Standard/IK *this is an edited version of the DrSpaceman Rig*), Pets (If you want ’em)

Some Mocap Animations: Mixamo, Turbosquid, Huge (free) FBX Mocap Library

Differences between Standard Rig and IK

(bare with me on these explanations)

Standard Rig: Bones move how they normally do, etc. etc.

IK Rig: Some bones have controllers where multiple bones can follow each other.


I’m gonna skip a few steps, so if you already know the basics of making animations continue on and if you don’t watch this video/and this one. It goes over downloading Blender, installing the plugins, and etc.

Standard Rig
  1. Download some mocap files, I used Mixamo and exported as a Collada file with no skin.
  2. Open up your rig and import the mocap animation (DAE file)
  3. Add constraints to either the EA or IK rig that follows the corresponding armature rig. I.E. b__L__Hand to mixamorig_LeftHand
  4. Whatever looks off I just animate myself following the mocap rig
  5. Once the animation is to your liking, bake the animation to the EA Rig. Standard: Select All EA Bones, Bake Action, Check “Only Selected”/”Clear Constraints” ………………………………………………………………. IK: Select an EA Bone (Can be just one), Bake Action, Uncheck “Only Selected”, Check “Visual Keying”/”Clear Constraints”
  6. Export as Sims 3 Animation and throw the animation file into S3PE, save the package
IK Rig
Download the animation here
code: a_tutidle

Thank you to all creators!

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